What is an Oak Wilt Specialist?

You may have heard that Oak Wilt can only be controlled with Injections of Alamo. That is not true. Most companies just repeat what they’ve heard from the Acedemics. They will tell you that Oak Wilt injections are backed by data. They are the most effective method allowed. Alamo is the one true fungicide that we must use. blah, blah, blah… What they won’t say is that drilling a hole into a tree and putting the product in through a port is archaic, unnecessarily slow, and costly, very costly. It’s damaging and bruises the cambial tissue around the drill site. Injecting for Oak Wilt hurts trees, and contributes to the spread of the disease.

Let’s start with “data” since these guys are all about it, (for now) There is plenty of data on the damage that the Injections are doing. Start here

A&M actually participated in a published study that shows the damage Injections do. Their conclusions? Trunk Injections will damage a tree. Phytotoxicity, embolism of xylem vessels, and secondary infections can occur. When conducting multiple rounds of Injections, the math gets worse. The benefit is lost. (Trunk Injections: Difficulties and Considerations)

I would understand if there were no other options, but there are. There are several that we should be allowed to perform, but cannot due to politics (money). My BioFeed is a cost effective solution, that is permitted, and not only prevents Oak Wilt, but also a host of other issues that have “No Cure”… (“No Cure” really means there is no chemical solution)

I know it’s hard to consider a new idea on something as much fun as Fungi and Fungicides, but if you have Oak Wilt, keep reading… You will be forced by nature into a decision that is not easy. Keep the Trees, or spend huge amounts of money injecting them. I have an much better option click here. You just have to see that University research isn’t really about research… It’s about confirming their donors products.

How else can you explain 30 years of “Zero Progress”? Some facts on University Studies

Written by John Walters

John is an ISA Certified Arborist and one of the most broadly experienced Arborists in the Region. With 35 years in the industry and in 4 different Regions of the US. The Northeast, The South (humid swamp climate), The South (Hill Country/Desert), and the Rocky Mountains (Both Desert Valleys, and High Elevation Mountains) there is not another Arborist here in Central Texas who has seen as many different problems, or solutions.

October 21, 2022

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