What is an Oak Wilt Specialist?

My name is John Walters, I am an Arborist in the Georgetown area. I have been caring for Trees and Landscape plants for 35 years now. I have done this in 5 different (very different) places in the US. I am not the kind of guy that talks about myself, but in this case I need to make clear I have seen a lot of different trees, tree problems, and more importantly tree solutions. That seperates me from others in this area that seem to focus on only 1 disease.

The more we are exposed to, the more we will take in, and the more creative we will get.

Experience (unlike academics) comes from pressure for results. I can’t just sit around and theorize. I have to solve, produce, and get results. What I do at the end of the day is who I am. I can’t change that. All the tree books in the world can not give me the unique perspective I have from being in the field for 35 years.

Now let’s talk about Oak Wilt here in Texas. 30+ years ago we were treating Elm trees for Dutch Elm disease using what was becoming a common approach – Injections. Someone had the idea to try it on an Oak Wilt here in texas and it worked. That is where the injection method began. Problem is… it never ended.

Here we are 30 years later and still relying on the same process. If it were a inexpensive and effective process that would be fine, but it’s not. It’s very expensive, and quite frankly does nothing for the tree’s health but kill the infection. So why are we still doing this? Why did no one come up with anything new? I have a few theories, but I don’t want to be that conspiracy guy…

This is where the experience comes in. I’ve seen, created, and practiced a lot of different approaches to Tree Care, and I think Injections should be avoided. I mean it’s 2022 where I live and we have chemistry that will carry a product through the bark if you want to get it into a tree like that. Why is anyone drilling holes?

For the most part I don’t use chemicals, I like the idea of a healthy tree taking care of itself. What I do is focus on tree health. I inoculate the tree to build resistance, before it gets Oak Wilt. We call it BioFeed and if you are one of our clients and a Tree we feed gets Oak Wilt, we will treat the Oak Wilt no charge. That’s how confident I am that BioFeed works. No charge to treat Oak Wilt.

So if you want someone to follow the Forest Service and A&M’s lead, which hasn’t changed in 30 years. I am not your guy. If you are looking for someone who does his own homework, and has the experience and desire to move Tree Care forward with innovation, and new approaches. then give us a call and you will be glad you read this…

Written by John Walters

John is an ISA Certified Arborist and one of the most broadly experienced Arborists in the Region. With 35 years in the industry and in 4 different Regions of the US. The Northeast, The South (humid swamp climate), The South (Hill Country/Desert), and the Rocky Mountains (Both Desert Valleys, and High Elevation Mountains) there is not another Arborist here in Central Texas who has seen as many different problems, or solutions.

October 21, 2022

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